Thieves & Peppermint For Flu


We took our son out to West Edmonton Mall for a few hours, and then to Toys R Us to pick out some birthday gifts yesterday. Being in those very public places, with multiple germs flying around everywhere, you can bet by 7 pm he was starting to feel under the weather. He was running a high fever and was lethargic. I immediately put him in the bath with some Thieves. Once out of the bath, I put Thieves on his feet as well.

After he fell asleep, his temperature was skyrocketing! I slathered Peppermint all over his feet. 10 minutes later, I went up to check to see if his temperature had gone down, AND IT HAD! He had absolutely NO fever! My son hates Children’s Tylenol, so Peppermint is perfect for children who hate taking medicine. It’s applied topically, not internally.

I also placed my Young Living Home Diffuser right beside his bed, and diffused some Thieves in combination with Purification in that as well.

He has absolutely NO symptoms at all today! Perfectly normal child! After using these oils for the past few months, I will never use over the counter pharmaceuticals for my family ever again! My mind is officially blown right now! Send me a message, or comment below, to get more information, or to order!

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